How to get rid of menstruation (period) pain relief?

How to get rid of menstruation (period) pain relief: It is common to have some problems at the time of menstruation. Sometimes these problems affect daily tasks and routines badly. Let us know some easy steps to avoid menstrual problems.

How to get rid of menstruation (period) pain relief:

How to get rid of menstruation (period) pain relief

1. Fomenting with hot water for menstruation (period)

In the problem of stomachache, fomenting with hot water provides quick relief. For this, take warm water in a fomenting bag or a bottle and keep it on the stomach.

2. Drinking hot water for menstruation (period)

You can use hot water, tea or coffee in it. You will feel relieved immediately after drinking it.

3. Asafetida (Hing) for menstruation (period)

If periods do not come properly, asafetida consumption will be beneficial for you. Eating asafetida gives better results.

4. Bitter Gourd (karela) for menstruation (period)

Bitter gourd (karela) is beneficial in menstruation (period). Apart from this, along with regular use of spinach, drink milk, eggs, and soybeans.

5. Constipation problem at the time of menstruation (period)

i) Daily consumption of Triphala Churna cures the problem of constipation in few months completely.

Dosage: Daily take 1-2 teaspoons of Triphala churna and 2 teaspoons of Aloe-Vera extract with lukewarm water before bed.

ii) 5-10gm Triphala Churna and 2 teaspoons of aloe vera extract

Process: Mix the ingredients

Dosage: Take it with warm water before bed

iii) 6 teaspoons of aloe vera Extract and 10 gm Moti Saunf powder (Fennel Seed)

Process: Mix the ingredients

Dosage: Take it with warm water before bed

6. Avoid heavy food at the time of menstruation (period)

Always avoid sour things, brinjal, meat, yellow pumpkin, and potato in advance during menstruation. They cause inflammation in body parts.

7. Fennel (Sauf) and sesame (til) for menstruation (period)

Consuming fennel or sesame before the start of menstruation is beneficial. This makes menstruation timely.

Apart from this, eating sesame seeds mixed with cumin powder and jaggery is also beneficial.

8. Papaya (Papita) for menstruation (period)

As we all know, papaya can cure many stomach problems.

And also, it is helpful in bringing menstruation on time and to get rid of menstruation (period)

Many times women experience more pain due to inadequate flow during periods. Papaya consumption is a great option in these conditions.

Papaya is also balancing the menstruation (period) that will help in pain relief.

9. Coriander (Dhaniya) for menstruation (period)

i) Coriander powder, ghee, and jaggery powder

Process: Bake coriander powder in ghee with jaggery powder. Eat about 2-2 teaspoons of it thrice a day. It helps in menstrual problems.

ii) half teaspoon Coriander powder and rock sugar

Process: Boil coriander powder in water and remove it if it remains half. After filter, drink sip by sip with rock sugar (mishri).

10. Pomegranate for menstruation (period)

i) Pomegranate peels powder

Process: Dry the pomegranate peels and make powder. Now take this powder daily with one teaspoon of cold water.

This will make menstruation regular and free from problems.

11. Celery (Ajwain) for menstruation (period)

During periods, there is an increase in gastric problems in women, due to which there is a sharp abdominal pain. Consuming celery is very effective in dealing with it.

i) Half teaspoon celery (ajwain) and half teaspoon black salt

Process: Mix half a teaspoon of celery and half a teaspoon of black salt. And, drink it with lukewarm water can provide immediate relief from pain.

ii) Few beetroot, carrot, cucumber and celery

Process: Apart from this, you can make juice of beetroot, carrot, and cucumber. And, drink the juice with celery (Ajwain) will help you a lot.

12. Ginger (Adrak) for menstruation (period)

Ginger intake during periods of pain also provides immediate relief.

i) Chopped ginger pieces and water

Process: Finely chop a piece of ginger in a cup of water and boil it. If desired, add sugar as per taste. Drink it three times a day after meals.

13. Milk products for menstruation (period)

Consumption of milk and milk products is very important for women. Women who lack calcium in their bodies have more problems related to menstruation.

14. Basil (Tulsi) for menstruation (period)

Basil (Tulsi) is one of the best natural pain killers that can be used in the pain of periods. The caffeic acid present in it gives relief in pain.

i) Few basil leaves

Process: Add basil leaves in your tea and drink at the time of pain also provides relief.

ii) 7-8 Basil leaves

Process: Boil 7-8 leaves of basil in half a cup of water and filter it. And, Drink for better results.

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