How to cure piles permanently at home

How to cure piles permanently at home: Piles (hemorrhoids) causes pain to the person. Seeds of pea-like sprout from the flowering of the veins of the anus is known as hemorrhoids in Ayurveda and piles in the common language.

Types of piles:

Piles (hemorrhoids) are of two types called Badi (Non-BleedingĀ Piles/hemorrhoids) and bloody piles. In the Badi (Non-BleedingĀ Piles/hemorrhoids), there is pain, itching, and swelling in the anus. While in bloody piles (hemorrhoids), the bleeding of the stool from warts leads to bleeding.

Piles are a disease in which it becomes difficult to sit. In medical language, it is called Hemorrhoids. In this disease, there is swelling of the inner and outer region of the anus (anus). And, also in the veins of the lower part of the rectum.

This causes a wart-like condition inside and outside the anus or in one place, which sometimes stays inside and sometimes comes out. So, here we will find the solution to How to cure piles permanently at home.

Reasons of Piles (hemorrhoids):

  1. Constipation
  2. Indigestion
  3. Excessive drinking
  4. Intoxicating substances
  5. Spicy food
  6. Excessive consumption of fried foods
  7. Irregular eating habit
  8. Excessive consumption of meat, fish, and eggs
  9. Sitting for a long time
  10. Lack of physical activity
  11. Smoking
  12. Night awakening
  13. Liver failure
  14. Horse riding, etc.

Types of Piles (hemorrhoids):

There are two types of piles:

1. Bloody Piles (hemorrhoids)

2. Non-Bloody Piles (hemorrhoids)/Badi piles

1. Bloody Piles (hemorrhoids)

Blood keeps on coming, but there is no pain.

2. Non-Bloody Piles (hemorrhoids)/Badi piles

Constipation occurs in the stomach and the stomach is always disturbed. This disease is quite common in people from 45 years to 65 years

Symptoms of Piles (hemorrhoids)

Symptoms of this disease include a hard and small amounts of filth, pain like prickling in the anus, swelling, itching, excessive bleeding, pale body, weakness, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety, anger, insomnia.

You have to see an obstruction, gastric problem, inflammation in eyes, anorexia, etc.

How to cure piles permanently at home:

how to cure piles permanently at home

1. Aloe Vera for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Aloe Vera has a cure for many problems. It is not only used to make the skin soft and spotless, but it also gives great comfort in Piles (hemorrhoids) disease.

However, for piles, fresh Aloe Vera gel means that the gel immediately extracted from Aloe Vera leaf should be used. Apply this gel outside in the piled part. Apply this gel at least 2-3 times a day.

(Keep in mind: Sometimes Aloe Vera is not suitable for everyone. Such people should use Aloe Vera by asking a doctor.

Otherwise, apply it on any part of the skin to see if there is any pain or tingling. If it does not then Aloe Vera can be used for piles (hemorrhoids).)

This is a very basic and effective home remedy to answer your question about how to cure piles permanently at home

2. Ice Pack for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Ice packs have also been considered very beneficial in Piles’s (hemorrhoids) disease. Apply an ice pack on the affected area.

If desired take pieces of ice, wrap in a cloth and then apply on the affected area. Sike 5 to 10 minutes daily will help in relieving piles (hemorrhoids) problem.

3. Hot Water Bath for Piles (hemorrhoids)

A hot water bath can give relief in piles. It reduces swelling and itching.

Apart from this, coconut oil also benefits. Applying coconut oil on the affected area reduces swelling and itching.

This is a very basic and effective home remedy to answer your question how to cure piles permanently at home

4. Buttermilk (Lassi) for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Whey is very useful to remove piles. For this, take about two liters of buttermilk, add 50 grams of ground cumin and salt according to taste.

In case of thirst, drink it instead of water. Doing this for four days will cure pimples.

Apart from this, eating curd every day is less likely to cause piles (hemorrhoids).

5. Triphala for Piles (hemorrhoids)

We are all familiar with Triphala churna. Consuming 1-2 spoon of this powder before going to bed at night helps to overcome constipation problem.

Which gives relief in piles (hemorrhoids).

Most important home remedy which give you solution about how to cure piles permanently at home

6. Cumin seeds (jeera) for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Small cumin seeds are very useful for stomach problems. Frying cumin seeds and mixing with sugar candy is beneficial.

Or drink half a teaspoon of cumin powder in a glass of water.

Along with this, grinding cumin seeds and applying it to the affected area is also beneficial.

7. Banana and catechu for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Cut ripe banana into two pieces and grind catechu on it, and boil it slightly. After this, keep those pieces of banana under the sky in an open space.

In the morning, take those pieces on an empty stomach. Use it for one week, and piles (hemorrhoids) are destroyed.

It is basic and easily available home remedy to answer the problem of how to cure piles permanently at home

8. Figs (Anjeer) for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Dried figs are another amazing Ayurvedic treatment for treating piles (hemorrhoids).

Take one or two dried figs and soak them in warm water overnight. Eating it on an empty stomach in the morning benefits.

9. Haritaki (Harad) for Piles (hemorrhoids)

(Harad) is a very good ayurvedic remedy to remove the popular Haritaki constellation as Harad.

Taking half to one teaspoon of Haritaki powder with lukewarm water at night or eating myrrh with jaggery and relieves in piles (hemorrhoids).

This is a very basic and effective home remedy to answer your question how to cure piles permanently at home

10. Coconut coats for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Burn it with a matchbox. Will be burnt to ashes. Fill this ash in a vial and eat it.

One and a half cups of buttermilk made from coconut butter with buttermilk or curd is to be taken on an empty stomach only once a day and take three times just for the first day.

Keep in mind that curd or buttermilk is fresh and not sour. No matter how old Piles’s disease is, it is one of the best answers to your question about how to cure piles permanently at home.

11. Indian Gooseberry (Amla) for Piles (hemorrhoids)

Amla has been given great importance in Ayurveda, due to which it is considered as a chemical.

It increases the healing power in the body. Amla is very beneficial for the stomach.

In the condition of piles (hemorrhoids), drinking Amla powder with honey in the morning and evening is beneficial.

Some other home remedies food for piles for instant relief are:

1. Drink plenty of water and other fluids daily.

2. Fiber is very important for our digestive system and also helps in bowel movement. Apart from this, fiber also helps in making the stool soft so that it can easily come out of the body.

3- Wear light and loose clothes and clean the private part regularly.

(Note: Do not take any kind of negligence in case of Piles problem and do not rely only on home remedies. Contact a doctor immediately and get treatment. Otherwise, this disease can prove dangerous.)

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