Home remedies for heart pain

Home remedies for heart pain: Currently, the disease that is causing the most deaths is heart disease. Many times people do not even know about this disease and they die.

Therefore this disease must be stopped from the beginning. If you want to stop this disease from happening or if you have got this disease, these home remedies for heart pain can help you a lot in keeping you healthy.

Types of heart diseases

1. Cardio-inflammatory:

Due to this disease, the swelling of the membrane of our heart comes due to which slight pain starts in our heart. In addition to this, our nerves also start moving fast. Not only this, due to this disease, sometimes water in the heart membrane gets filled and fever also comes.

2. Dilated heart muscle:

Sometimes due to overwork of heart muscle, these muscles dilate and take the form of the disease. Due to this disease, the patient often suffers from high blood pressure.

3. Bleeding:

In this disease, the patient’s blood arteries begin to accumulate a layer of calcium, cholesterol, and fat which takes the form of a disease.

4. Rheumatic heart disease:

This disease occurs due to fever in bone joints. Bone joints and heart valves are affected the most by this fever and cause malfunction. This disease is most commonly found in children aged 5–15 years.

5. Valvular heart disease:

Sometimes due to any reason, the blood in the heart valve starts to leak, which can cause damage to the valve. It is called Valvular Heart Disease.

Symptoms of heart disease

If you see any of the symptoms given below, contact the doctor immediately as these symptoms can be a sign of heart disease.

1. Feeling uneasy in chest:

If you feel chest pressure or pain then it can also be a sign of artery block.

2. Nausea, heartburn and stomach ache:

Sometimes nausea, chest irritation, abdominal pain, and digestive problems can be a sign of heart disease.

3. Pain in the hands and Shoulder:

Sometimes heart patients start complaining of pain in chest and left shoulder.

4. Excess of phlegm for a long time:

If you have phlegm for a long time along with a cold and cold, then it can also be a heart disease.

5. Excessive sweating:

If you sweat more than usual, it can be a sign of heart danger.

6. Swelling of the feet:

Often, swelling occurs in our feet, knees, soles, and ankles. Which we treat with saltwater. But sometimes these swells are also a sign of heart disease, so it is important to contact the doctor whenever a sudden swelling occurs in your feet.

7. Gums as well as pain in hands and feet:

Sometimes pain in hands, feet, back, neck, and gums can be a symptom of heart diseases.

8. Dizziness:

Though dizziness mostly comes on weakness, but sometimes symptoms like dizziness, head fumigation, faintness, and fatigue are also a warning of heart disease.

9. Trouble breathing:

If you are having trouble breathing, it can be a major symptom of heart disease.

10. Snoring:

Although snoring has become very common these days, but sometimes snoring can also be a symptom of heart disease.

These home remedies for heart pain will keep you away from heart disease

If you do not want to become a victim of any kind of heart disease, then follow these home remedies. This will not only keep you away from heart disease, but you will also remain healthy.

Home remedies for heart pain

Home remedies for heart pain

1. Basil leaves and bitter gourd (karela) for heart diseases

Drinking basil leaves mixed with bitter gourd (karela) juice keeps your heart healthy.

Drinking basil leaves mixed with bitter gourd (karela) juice keeps your heart healthy.

By eating raw garlic on an empty stomach every morning, blood circulation throughout the body is done properly. Along with this, it makes our heart strong and it also reduces cholesterol. This is one of the best home remedies for heart pain.

3. Honey for heart diseases

Eating a teaspoon of honey every day keeps away diseases.

4. Oatmeal for heart diseases

Iron is very good in oatmeal, so eating oatmeal daily can keep your heart healthy.

5. Apple juice for heart diseases

Apple juice makes our heart healthy and at the same time keeps heart diseases away.

6. Jaggery with Ghee for heart diseases

Heart disease is also prevented by eating jaggery mixed with ghee.

7. Mustard oil for heart diseases

Must use mustard oil in daily food. This will keep you away from fatty acids which reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 70 percent.

8. Mint, basil and bitter gourd (karela) for heart diseases

If mint and basil are mixed with bitter gourd (karela) juice, heart disease can be kept to a great extent.

9. Gooseberry for heart diseases

Gooseberry jam also helps a lot in keeping heart disease away.

10. Bitter Gourd (karela) for heart diseases

Bitter Gourd (Karela) is also very beneficial in curing heart disease. You can eat it as a vegetable or you can also eat its soup.

11. Mulethi for heart diseases

Mulethi is a type of herb in which a sore throat is often sucked. The juice released by sucking it provides relief in the chest, as well as eliminates digestive problems.

This herb has been given a special place in Ayurveda and is also used in making many types of medicines. Very basic and effective home remedies for heart pain.

12. Fenugreek seeds for heart diseases

Soak fenugreek seeds in water for one night. In the morning, sieve the fenugreek seeds and drink that water.

This will reduce the burning sensation or pain in the chest. Fenugreek seeds also reduce bad cholesterol.

13. Basil (Tulsi) for heart diseases

Everyone is familiar with the qualities of Tulsi. It also has the quality of keeping the heart healthy and healthy.

Eating two basil leaves in the morning daily increases the amount of magnesium in the body.

Due to this, blood circulation in the body also remains correct. It is also beneficial in case of cold or stiffness. One of the basic and easily available home remedies for heart pain.

14. Turmeric for heart diseases

Turmeric is considered as an anti-inflammatory and many antibacterial properties, that are beneficial in many diseases.

Turmeric intake is beneficial for chest pain or any heart-related problem. Use it as a spice in food or drink it after adding it to milk.

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