Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis

Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis: Have you ever heard of sudden cuts, cuts of bones of knees, hip and elbows from walking, getting up and sitting? Are these symptoms of a serious bone disease?

Many people feel that this type of sound means that the bones have become weak. Many times people understand this joint-related disease. We are telling you what is meant by such a sound coming in the bones, what are its disadvantages and what are the ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis.

What causes the noise when you crack a joint

What is crepitus: The sound coming from the joints is called crepitus in the medical language. Crepitus is the medical name for the sound that occurs when people move their joints.

This is because small air bubbles erupt in the fluid inside the joints. These bubbles erupt causing this sound. Sometimes the sound is also heard from the rubbing of tendons or ligaments of the muscles outside the joints.

Why do my knees make a crunching sound?

The sound of a cut from the knee or hip is a sign of increasing discomfort. Cartilages usually act as comfortable cushions to help the movement of the two bones.

When these cartilages are rubbed, the two bones are rubbed together and make a sound. This condition is medically called bone on bone.

Signs of Osteoarthritis:

A mild crackling in the joints can be a sign of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis disease in which the number of flexible tissues at the ends of bones decreases.

The cartilage present at the knee joints gradually dissipates. As the joint of the damaged knee moves, it causes sounds like breaking or cracking and, which is called squealing of the knee. These sounds often occur in the knee and usually do not cause pain.

Do not be afraid of the sound coming in the bones of children:

If a child or adolescent is having a sound of cuts from the bones and is not experiencing any pain or discomfort in his bones, then there is no problem. is. This does not mean that the child’s bones are weak or his body is deficient in calcium.

The sound of a cut from the bones means that there is more air in its bones. Because of this, air bubbles are formed and break in the joints of bones. Due to which the sound of cut-off comes from the bones.

Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis:

Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis

1. Fenugreek seeds for osteoarthritis

As we said, if you have this problem regularly then it can be a sign of arthritis or a lack of lubricant in the joints of bones. Therefore, it is very important to get timely relief from it.

For this, you can try many home remedies for osteoarthritis. To get rid of osteoarthritis, soak a half teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water at night and chew fenugreek seeds in the morning. After that drink water.

It eliminates the problem of air bubbles between bones. And, this is one of the best ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis

2. Drink milk for osteoarthritis

The sound of cuts from the bones can also mean that they have a lack of lubricant. Often this problem increases with aging.

Therefore, it is very important to give a sufficient amount of calcium to the body. In addition to consuming other sources of calcium, drink plenty of milk.

3. Jaggery and gram for osteoarthritis

Consuming jaggery along with roasted gram is considered very beneficial for the body. Carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, iron, and vitamins are found in plenty in roasted gram.

Jiggery and roasted gram must be eaten once a day. This will remove osteoporosis and stop the sound of cuts.

Easily available and most effective ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis.

4. Coldwater strip and compress for osteoarthritis

Scrub the knees and waist with cold water bandages. This will shrink the blood cells that are blood vessels and blood flow will also be reduced in the affected area.

In such a situation, not only will the pain decrease but the swelling will also decrease. In addition to cold water bandages, ice cubes can also be used for compressing. Wrap the affected area by wrapping some ice cubes in a cloth

5. Apple cider vinegar for osteoarthritis

Apple cider vinegar has been considered to be the most effective for reducing knee and back pain. The reason for this is alkaline nature.

It dissolves the dangerous and toxic elements present in the body and the collected minerals. In addition, it also helps to rebuild lubricants that give flexibility to joints.

So, either drink a lid of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water daily before bedtime or mix it with mustard or coconut oil and apply it on the affected area.

It is an effortless ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis.

6. Use of Ginger for osteoarthritis

Ginger contains gingerol which in addition to joint pain helps in reducing muscle strain.

Drinking ginger juice daily can relieve pain. Drink one lemon and half a teaspoon of honey in this juice.

Massage the affected part of the knees and waist with ginger oil will also provide relief.

7. Lemon for osteoarthritis

You believe it or not, but lemon also works wonders in joint pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in addition to pain.

Apart from this, it also helps in regulating uric acid, which is believed to be the main cause of joint pain. Therefore, you can either drink lemonade daily or apply it to the affected area in the knee and back pain.

Not only this, eat lemon daily along with salad and food.

Easily available and very useful ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis.

Please consider these things as well (ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis):

1. Do not forget to get osteoarthritis medical treatment along with home remedies for knees and back pain. Consult a doctor before adopting either method.

2. Avoid any kind of difficult exercise and do not take much rest. The muscles become weak due to excessive rest, which can cause severe joint pain.

3. Keep the right lifestyle and the right food.

4. Stay away from junk food and fried food. Drink plenty of milk and eat milk products, beans, whole grains, seasonal fruits, and vegetables.

5. Drink plenty of water and drink fluids.

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